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The Chemtech®️️ Clean Routine™️️ is dedicated to protecting your vehicle against the ravages of dirt and distance both inside and outside, with a clearly labelled Exterior & Interior Clean Routine™️️ highlighted on each pack, you will always know you’ve got the right product for each job.

Watch how to get a super clean with ct18® Superfoam™

CHEMTECH® CT18® Super Foam™ is used for a quick in-between clean or as a pre-wash soak that removes grit to prevent scratches, swirling and excessive use of elbow grease.

Embrace messiness with the Chemtech® clean routine™

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Don’t let a little bit of dirt hold you back!

The Chemtech® Clean Routine™ is dedicated to protecting your vehicle against the ravages of dirt and distance, with Aussie’s legendary range of products to soak, sponge, shine, shield and sanitise whatever you drive.

Bring out the beauty in your beast with ct18® superfoam™

Australian made, Chemtech® CT18 Super Foam™ is a pre-wash soak, or quick in-between clean,that removes grit, and the excessive use of elbow grease.

Thanks to its pH neutral and biodegradable formulation, its tough on Aussie dirt, mud and grime, but gentle on your paint work - and our planet.

Apply Chemtech® CT18 Super Foam™ with a foam gun. The heavy-duty formulation, will loosen stubborn dirt and dried-on mud from the most adventurous vehicles. From trucks and caravans to 4WD’s, boats and bikes, it’s is safe to use on any vehicle and almost any surface, including polished wheels, plastic trim, fibreglass, all metal types, rubber, vinyl and glass.

Fast foam soak
Easily removes dirt and grime
Prevents scratches and swirl marks
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