Features and Benefits:

Wynn’s Ultimate Engine Anti-Wear with patented Wynn’s Friction Proofing technology improves any engine oil to make it even better. Wynn’s Ultimate Engine Anti-Wear provides a protective layer on metal parts that minimises engine wear, especially in cold start and stop/start driving conditions.

Features and Benefits:

  • Provides excellent wear and corrosion control

  • Provides first-class cold start protection

  • Offers optimum engine protection

  • Improves viscosity of engine oil

  • Protects engine oil against premature deterioration

  • Reduces engine sludge and varnish build up

  • Ideal for stop start driving

  • Recommended for all oil types

  • Easy to use, one shot treatment

  • Treats up to 8L



Wynn’s Ultimate Engine Anti-Wear is compatible with all passenger & commercial engine types, including both naturally aspirated or turbocharged engines. It is especially suitable for those employing the latest stop/start technology or require cold start protection.


Product Information Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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