Chemtech® Shock Treatment

Degreasers Top Chemtech Products Workshop Cleaning and Personal Care
Tough grime needs a tough approach. Chemtech Shock Treatment is the powerful, concentrated degreaser that makes short work of heavy-duty cleaning. Its biodegradable, solvent-free...

Chemtech® Diesel Power Fuel Additive

Additives Diesel Additives Top Chemtech Products Vehicle Maintenance
Do your diesel a power of good. Chemtech Diesel Power Fuel Additive, boosts diesel engine performance, improves fuel economy and reduces engine corrosion.It’s nothing...

Chemtech® CT20 Wash ‘N’ Wax

Chemtech® Clean Routine Shine Top Chemtech Products Vehicle Cleaning
Give your vehicles a protective, streak-free finishing touch. Chemtech CT20 Wash ‘N’ Wax is a rich, concentrated gel specially formulated to gently break through...

Chemtech® CT18 Superwash

Chemtech® Clean Routine Sponge Top Chemtech Products Vehicle Cleaning
multi-purpose, concentrated gel cleans fast – rapidly breaking down and removing the toughest Aussie dirt, mud, grease, oil film, grime, soot, and bugs. The...

Chemtech® CT14 Engine and Bilge Degreaser

Degreasers Top Chemtech Products Vehicle Maintenance
Finally, there’s a safe, environmentally friendly alternative to solvent degreasers. Chemtech CT14 is nothing short of genius. The concentrated water-based degreaser actually converts oil...
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